Oh To Be A Housekeeper

My first job was working in an elementery school with 2 other people as janitors for the summer. I was 12. My first check was 128.00. My mother would make us kids deep clean every spring. Hated it. At 47 I am still cleaning residential, formally at an assisted living facility and move outs for real estate people. I make 18.00 an hour and I am the only one in my family still working in this terrible economy. I will start my own cleaning outfit in Oregon - charging 20 to 22 an hour. Anyone who says cleaning is a low status job doesn't take pride in what they do. Cleaning takes time management skills. Organization skills. I like the fact you can take a horrible mess and see how a lot of elbow grease can make it livable. I have cleaned my own place so well I got all my deposit back. I make 180.00 when my rich clients call. You are your own boss. If you dread the routine, switch it up. New construction pays by the square foot. Foreclosures need cleaning. In other words, housekeeping is not just hotel work. it's a living. If your trustworthy, people hand you the keys to their property, knowing your'e not going to rip them off. I'ts a very presatigous job if you look at it in a different way. Thanks, Cheryl

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Good for you!


I grew with you Cheryl !

I agree with you, those are nice wages and you seem to take pride.