Take Pride

I work in a local hotel and enjoy my job. Yesterday was my day off. I went to work today and boy was one of the other housekeepers pissed! One of my guests asked her yesterday if i was working. She told him i would be back tomorrow and asked if she could help him. He said he just wanted to tip his maid and would wait for me to come back to work! It's the little things that count. I know this man likes to sleep till after 10am because he works nites so i don't bother him. He also works out on a treadmill in his room so I leave him extra towels. Not alot of effort bit it was remembered and appreciated. I take pride in doing a good job and helping others. It's worth the extra effort my guest tipped me a 5 and said there was more to come. Every little bit helps with the price of gas theese days! I didn't expect it i was just doing my job. Glad someone noticed the small things!

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3 Responses May 8, 2008

i worked in a hotel,people are so sloppy when they know they dont have to clean it up,i leave a minimum of 25 a night tip and keep the room spotless too,people should tip as much as they tip there waitress

You deserve those tips! I enjoy hearing of someone that does an earnest job and appreciates when people notice the small things.

I have noticed on another site that some guys like to be naked when the maid comes in - and then they tip them fairly well. Has this happenned to you and does this bother you - or, if not, would you go along with it if there was a decent tip?