Gated Communities To Ghettos

I have been cleaning homes since 2005. I was taught how-to-do... I thought at the time .. no way.. I am a neat nut so... wonder what they can teach me!? Well, they taught me well! I have cleaned for some of this finest homes, ones that look like they are out of a Good HouseKeeping magazine. On the other hand, I have cleaned drug lords homes, to ... the badside of town. No matter if the homes I clean are worth millions or should to condemned.... I have witness pure fu&king nastiness! Down right lazy folks who just don't care. I always thought... you can meet someone but till you go inside their homes and see how they live... you really had no idea who they are!

There is no reason to live nasty.... there is one reason anyone does.... LAZY!...pure and simple.
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3 Responses Apr 17, 2012

This is hard work, you earn your money hun!!! :-) I agree with you.

yes i do!! it keeps me fit and....ahhhhh tired! thank you.. have a blessed day my friend!!

I know.

Very nice story.

thank hon. it is amazing how some folks live... what they live in!