My Mom Was A Cleaning Lady

Actually I am not a housekeeper but my mom was. Growing up I saw my mom work very hard. She didn't have much of an education and didn't know how to use a computer and had us kids...4 of us. So my mom got jobs as a housekeeper cleaning up people houses and apartment buildings. She sometimes took me along since I was the oldest and I would help her. She didn't make much...for about 8 hours she made about $50-100 dollars. It wasn't enough to support a family of 6 people so she also had food stamps and government aid.  I saw how hard she worked for so little and it made me kinda sad to see her work so hard. She sometimes worked at 2 places in one day so she wasn't really home much. She supported my entire family. When she was home, she would be so tired she would fall asleep as soon as she got home. Or would come home to cook dinner and do laundry. I am grateful that my mom took me along. I'm a pretty good cleaner. And because I didn't get things really made me appreciate everything I had. When I was a teenager my mom sacrificed whatever little bit of money she had and paid for me to take some computer courses. I knew that I wanted to get a good education so that I could get a decent job in the future and not work so hard. I am the first in my family to be getting a college degree. Some years ago she bought a cleaning franchise that she operates and goes to businesses to clean them up in the evenings and weekends.

I sometimes get upset when people put other people down and look down at people that are janitors and housekeepers. Then I tell them that my mom is a cleaning lady and they are surprised. I am not ashamed of my mother and my upbringing. And I don't look down on people that clean for a living. I know how hard they work and they remind me of my mom.
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I think your mother is a wonderful person , I dive here all my respect she made a great daughter

Thank you :D

Thank you, my sugar, that i know so much more about you now. I knew you had meat & milk in your pretty coconut, but now i know where it came from. xoxo

thanks :)

Your mother is a strong woman, just like you are. And people who look down at other are really annoying me. I think those people need cleaning up on their head and heart.

My mom stayed home with my brother and I until I was about 13. It was dad didn't make much and we struggled. So my mom became a cleaning lady for some of our family n friends of the family. I went with her sometimes n I remember thinking it 2as cool we were in other people's houses while they were gone. Lol. I was about 7.

Yeah my dad didnt do much either. He was just a drunk wino :/
Awesome that your mom is a hard working lady and that you went along with her :)

You and your Mom sound like terrific ,wonderful smart humans! Congratulations to you both.
Ps:Your Mom isn't a 'cleaning lady' anymore, she's a Business Owner!!! Best to you both.

your right...yeah business owner. Thank you :)

I want to hug you two! lol