The Real Life Behind Closed Doors


I clean the rooms in a 4 star hotel, this might  seem  very boring  and, I will be sincere, is the most boring work who   anyone  can do it.
 I have started  to do that because  a person  who come in a foreign country and doesn’t have any special abilities it is the  first work which can be find easily. At the beginning  I was happy to find this job, because I didn't speak Italian  very good and my credentials were not ideal. So, after the interview with the responsible staff( who is the same nationality with me), so it wasn’t very hard to do it ,I took the   uniform work, with they given to me and an address of the hotel where I was send to work.   
anda anda
31-35, F
4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Sounds like a decent job, I wish you well dear.

when it comes to get paid, how do u calculate the pay? <br />
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u can use the free calculator in

Is true that ,any job is important, but more importartant is money. For this moment i hope i won't do career in this profession, but with all this crises who can hope another job?

work is work and we all need to make a living. every job is important and someone has to do it. i tried housekeeping, and my body hurt for like a week. its really hard work and people underestimate it. it takes a strong person to do it. i commend you.