Being A Housewife

I am just an ordinary housewife and have been for the last 32 years. I feel I have never really had a life outside of my marriage. Although there was a time when I began to have some kind of life. I had a six-month job which didn't work out, because the employer who hired me expect me to run the whole business. He owned a small screen printing business, but I wasn't able to keep up with his high expectations. I remember one day crying in the bathroom, because I wasn't able to deal with a difficult customer but none of his customers were from retail stores, because they were all from whole sale companies.. And then there was one time when I had to call another small company, because they owed my boss some money. I was like my boss's receptionist I had to take care of all the receptionist duties, but this wasn't an office it was more like a small factory. At the end of five months, my boss let me go, because I wasn't able to meet his high expectations. Apparently I wasn't the first person he let go.

  Of course after I lost my job I went back to being a housewife.  Then at the end of the year, we sold our new home and relocated to a new city where I had to start all over again. I never found another job, but did decided to go and upgrade my education. But now years later I am back to being just an ordinary housewife just the day to day boring stuff. It is so lonely and very boring being a housewife there just no new adventures in my life anymore. I think there are times when I miss working outside the home, but if there was a job where I really enjoyed then maybe I would take it, but I am not young anymore. It's actually over 20 years since I had my last job. I did a lot of self-help groups and volunteer work, but nothing lead to a promising employment.  Now here I sit at home alone, because my husband works 6 days a week. And only has one day off which is Sunday.  Sometimes I wish I had a better life.         
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Try doing the above without a car....and a 2 year old I look like he'll and therefore my husband doesn't even want to see me on Sunday I havnt showered or eaten a meal without a screaming baby in my lap. ******* beautiful huh, oh and don't forget the sweat pants not out of luxury but that's all I have cuz we are broke any extra penny we get goes to his hobbies, if I didn't have a kid I would blow my brains out. Alot cheaper then divorce and unable to obtain any employment I could live on because I've spent ball these years letting him win the bread and leave the house.

I know this post is kind of old, but I had to respond.<br />
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Aw, hon, I am also a housewife too, though I actually love it. I am really sorry that last job didn't work out for you. You know, you can still be an amazing person despite your employment or lack thereof. I think people really give too much credence to what we earn and what we do for a living. To me, success is happiness. There is so much more to life than career! What do you enjoy? I love animals, so tending to them and my garden are my joys. I also love to read and write (bad) poetry. <br />
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You sound sad about being a housewife, but you have this chance to explore your neighborhood and parks, try different little part time jobs (if you want), take classes, learn new stuff. If it doesn't work out, it's no reflection on you! It's just not a fit! Don't give up on enjoying your life and freedom!<br />
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Take care : )