My Ex Girlfriend Diapered Me

I remember when I was 22 and my GF at the time was 20. I had a dream where I was peeing (I had to go, but didn't wake up). I wet the bed a little, and of course she noticed. I have always had a diaper fetish, and had some plastic pants hidden under the bed. I never told her about this, but she found them, and said nothing about it until this time.

I just tried to explain away that sometimes this has happened to me, and it was no big deal. The whole time I was explaining, she had this mischievous look in her eyes, and flat out asked me if I wanted her to diaper me! My jaw sort of dropped, and she assured me that it was okay and to come sit on the bed next to her. I had been out of the room to take a leak, and she took the plastic pants I had hidden under my bed, and hid them under the covers.

I sort of stammered "okay, that sounds like some kinky fun" while I was trying to play it down. That's when she pulled the covers back and revealed my "stash". I was a bit mortified, but she just hushed me, and said "it's okay baby, I'll take care of you!". She asked if I also had diapers hidden as well. I didn't, and she told me that she would take care of that. In the mean time, she put the Gerber plastic pants on me with loving care, and seemed to be enjoying every minute of this.

It was obvious I was enjoying every minute of this. The plastic pants were a bit snug, and my erection caused a noticeable bulge in front. She caressed my hardon, and I started to *** and *** hard in a matter of minutes. It was one of the best ******* I've ever had! She just smiled and giggled and whispered in my ear "it's a good thing you're wearing plastic pants" noticing all the *** as she patted my bottom.

She changed my "diaper" (plastic pants), we got dressed, and went to the store across the street to get all of the necessary supplies. We even bought some XL size Pampers since that's what my girlfriend used when she diapered her little brother a few years ago. They didn't quite fit, but she new how to take care of that with elastic mattress cover straps--one for each side. When we got up to the checkout stand, the  clerk commented and asked when we were expecting, and my girlfriend said "oh, we're not expecting" and left it at that. The clerk looked really puzzled and slightly repulsed. Maybe  "diaper fetish" crossed her mind. My girlfriend and I had a fun time imagining what she was thinking though.

From then on, this became a regular part of our sex play. About half the time we would do "diaper play", and half the time we had straight sex.  It was great! We were together for about 4 years, and then she moved away after accepting a job a few states away. I wasn't ready for marriage and not ready to quit the career I had just begun. We also knew long distance relationships usually don't work. What a nice 4 years though :)
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Sounds like a wonderful time. I wish!!