Owe It to Dad! :]

He introduced me to his music when I was very, very little. Neil Young and Jethro Tull have always been my favorite. I could listen to Thick As A Brick for hours! Even though it's pretty long anyway :P.

Karley Karley
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4 Responses Sep 3, 2008

I'll bet your dad is a great guy! Does he still have a collection of vinyl records? If so, maybe he would like a nice Jethro Tull album that has been remastered for his birthday or Christmas or something.<br />
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I'm glad he took the time with you at any rate :)

Karley, I'm probably your dad's age. I grew up on Tull! And I loved "Songs from the Wood" too, sas. I think my all-time favorite Tull song is"Wondering Aloud." Ian Anderson still rocks (even though he's an old fart now)! :D

Oh my all i saw was sasxiv comment on "I'm a huge jello fan"<br />
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i think i need a vacation... sorry *tip toes out*

i haven't listened to the whole album in years. Maybe i will soon as i still have it. My fav was Songs from the wood and war child