Miss Knightley You Are Perfect!

Keira Knightley is gorgeous! I'd kill to look like her and she is a good role model, she doesn't fall out of clubs or kiss and tell. I'm so jealous! She's so perfect!

OpheliaGrace22 OpheliaGrace22
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4 Responses Feb 2, 2009

She is stunning, her face, her cheekbones, her lips, eyes, hair, body, personality, she'd be a good model too.

Haven't seen the movie yet, but just saw the clip on YouTube of her singing. She did it very well. Looked a bit like it was synched, but could just be wonky video throwing the timing out a bit.

Haha same but she is so modest about everything! And always up for a bit of a joke about herself I'd like to not like her be aide she is so beautiful but she just seems too lovely and she sings in the edge of love!!

Oh yeah! Unbelievably cute. I loved how she laughed at the fact that the "Pirates at the Carribean" doll of her has boobs, whereas she reckons she doesn't. Makes no difference, she's beautiful.