Get One, Give One ...spread The Love


Ahhh what could be better after a hard day than a big warm hug ....or when you have had a fantastic day or accomplished something and want to share

the happy .. a great big hug from someone who adores you is just what you need .... and of course when you  get that loving feeling

*wiggles eyebrows *  a hug is an excellent place to start ...

And ohh how fast a mood can change with a simple hug .


I absolutely love hugs in RL and in cyber world and for everyone in my circle they know  very well that I am a wild little thng spreading kitti hugs far and wide ....

So go out spread the love and get your hug quota in today ...thats it shoo,... go ....spread the love



softkitti softkitti
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7 Responses Mar 5, 2010

ayayayayayy * runs at nypixie tackles her to the ground and gives her a big hug ...throws sparkly confetti ....puts diamond tiara on ny ...hands her a chocolate martini.....gves her big kiss ....dances out *....You have been officially kittified ..*giggles* damn that felt good ;-)

* dances in and runs to MM * ahh my darling wolf you deserve a million more .... *hugs MM 15 times* wheww that was hard work .. I will owe you the rest no? *giggles*<br />
<br />
ahh red ..good I helped you start the day right no?

Thanks kitti for all your hugs all these days!! I deserve one more time too rite??*Hugs kitti tight* Thank you kitti!!

LOL Ahh my day is starting right already! *hugs kitti tightly*

*runs to redlady and hugs her tightly * there darling you have been kittified

The hugs from my friends here are just as real and uplifting as the ones my kids give me everyday. :)

ohhh Laurie you lucky lucky girl...*runs at Laurie and hugs her tightly * ..... =-)