Problems Burden The Mind With Fear


Consciously or unconsciously we refuse to see the essentiality of being passively aware because we do not really want to let go of our problems; for what would we be without them? We would rather cling to something we know, however painful, than risk the pursuit of something that may lead who knows where. With the problems, at least, we are familiar; but the thought of pursuing the maker of them, not knowing where it may lead, creates in us fear and dullness. The mind would be lost without the worry of problems; it feeds on problems, whether they are world or kitchen problems, political or personal, religious or ideological; so our problems make us petty and narrow. A mind that is consumed with world problems is as petty as the mind that worries about the spiritual progress it is making. Problems burden the mind with fear, for problems give strength to the self, to the "me" and the "mine." Without problems, without achievements and failures, the self is not. - Commentaries on Living, Series I, Chapter 49, Problems and Escapes.
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I think in order to really understand "burdens" it has to be put into proper context. The first scenario of burden I think of given what you're saying, is the type of burden that people carry with them. Or in other words, the stress one may feel when given a certain role in society or faced with a certain situation. Given that though, I think that "burdens" are quite necessary. <br />
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For example, a child may bare the "burden" the responsibility of doing their homework on time. This can be quite taxing for a child, especially if there is not much support in the home. A child may come to worry and even may become depressed if they are not filling that role. On the other hand, a single parent may carry the "burden" of providing food for their children, although they don't have the means to do so. It produces a similar response. In either case, a decision has to be made by the person suffering the burden; either to find a way so that the problem plaguing them is no longer there, resolve the issue, or adapt.<br />
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I think "burdens" in this context have given humanity a great deal of things, personally.

i have ... burdens are not necessary, your or mine, why do you carry them?

thats the great thing i'm not asking you to,nor you of me, that is learning sharing,right?

we hold on to memories,feelings,experiences,problems,attitudes(our past) so on, which stop us from growth,right?<br />
even if they are happy and loving they still produce fear, if the new situation doesnt meet up to our past involvements. if we hold on, we cant experience the unknown,can we?

nothing is sesnseless, maybe taking responsibility for our action and put order back into it, the world will have order <br />
from the heart,to the mind, through the hands....

where do attitudes come from .... everything happens for a reason! even crashes,death ,others action effect us... we are our brothers keeper...right?

and what type of personal attitude did we give to create the problem-experience-opportunity- it is how we act we think so on,right?

lets call them experiences, but our choices do cause problems in our life<br />
the root meaning of experience is to go through and finish. when we finish something, we must let it behind,as to grow further,right?