I Am Not A Statistic

I am not a statistic, I am not what other people think, I am not what our societies and our stigmas label me just because of gender, race, size and beliefs. I am a human being and while we may all be different, we are not so different as babies. People learn discrimination and stereotypes this is not natural, this is what has been created.

It is our experience our oppurtunities our society that make us different, in every area other than physical. Yet this is not what most see, or do not truly embrace it, which i'll admit, awhile ago I was one of them. I should not presume anything from anyone, you have to know them in order to do that and even then. I look around lately and see so much inequality, we certaintly as a society in western coulture came a long way. Our conscience has been awakened to injustice, inequality and others feelings within the last 50years or so. But sadly as whole we still have stigmas.

Most still judge others simply because they are different, our courts do this, our laws, our perceptions... everything. We treat different groups differently and the individual, on things that the individual has no real control of.
True equality encompasses all, not just some, this is in every aspect, law and perception. Everything that we identify with, race, gender, whatever it may be is subject to this, all of these characteristics are subject to stereotypes and are all discriminated against just in different ways and levels. We have the traditional predjudice still in place and new predjudice created by those who go too far in the search for equality. Don't get me wrong things need to change and they still do, but you can not take from one to give a advantage to another and remain equal. It doesn't work that way, we all deserve to be viewed in the same light, capable of good or bad, and all deserving the same oppurtunities and treatment.

Such a beautiful thing, to show compasion for all, and to view all in this same way. I am sick to death of groups who are nobel in theory but who only look out for their own interests first, we are all just as important, they also say this, but it is hollow in some groups as they only ever think of what they identify with. Their compasion is for those who they identify with, those outside are not viewed in the same light and in some groups and individuals.
I love all no matter what race, gender ect....
Why should I feel any different because our DNA make up is slightly different? Or I have a different chromazone?
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Dec 17, 2010