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Want To Forget....

I like one guy from last 5 yrs...i never said abt this to him..i tried to be his best friend from last 5 yrs..i shared everything with him..always helped and guided him but he never given me any attention..recently i talked to him abt my exams,my preparation and even after exam i called him and told him abt all my papers..Last week was my result so before 2 days of result i told that my result is going to come and in surprise he asked u appeared exam? i was shocked with his this question..this was just one example..From last 5 yrs i am facing 100s of such incidence. Sometime i feel i am not worth to have true love in my life..i love this person deeply even though he doesnt care even a 1%. His this attitude is hurting me more and more... i want to forget this person...pls help...i tried a lot but couldnt...pls pls i want to move on in my life....
happiee happiee 22-25 Aug 13, 2012

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