The New You

Nothing is worse than the taste of betrayal. She walks around with it spewing out her mouth, yet everyone is blinded by her caked on vanity. I'm sick of being there at her every beck and call. I'm sick of hearing about her stupid life and being shut out when I want to talk about mine. I'm sick of forgiving her, letting her sneak around with the man I nearly loved. She's driving me crazy.
I walk around everyday with this guilded sanity. On the Inside I'm screaming like a mad man, bashing my head into walls, pulling out my hair. But all anyone sees is a polite, composed girl who will laugh at all their jokes, nod attentively, and smile as if I've never seen the evil that makes up this entire world. I can hear a lie louder than any old excuse and I can't keep pretending that I'm too naive to see right through you. I'm not your pet. I don't live to please you. I don't live to hear every minescule problem that occurs in your ignorant, vain life. I'm a ******* human being. Please, please stop forgetting that. I need my best friend back. I can't handle who you are now.
LongLostThoughts LongLostThoughts
18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012