Milk My Udders

So I realized that while I don't want to be bred or used in that way, I do want to be made into a cow in every other sense. I want my udders to be full and heavy, giving milk to whoever needs it as my owner decides. If he wants to milk me himself or attach me to a machine, it's his choice, because I am only here to produce milk from my huge swollen udders. He can invite others over to milk me as he pleases and show off my huge udders to his friends, always reminding me that I am a cow.
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The world needs more human cows;)

It sounds delightful. You are missed, deleted.

I'm so in. I want to make it happen and make you happy

I would love to be induced by you. We could feed each other. Would love to milk those big udders afteryou delight youself on mine. We could produce more and more, assuring we get our fill. I would pull, twist, nurse, and suckle until you scream with delight.

Let's get milking.

I hope you find him soon... If I were closer I would offer to do the favors, that if you are open to a woman milker :)

Well... if you are ever able to travel, let me know and we might be able to set something up :)