Transition Journal #2

Transition journal 2
It’s been a week since my last journal. I’ve continued to take the Fenugreek 8 capsules per day; two at a time 4 times per day. I think my breasts are getting heavier. They are starting to itch a bit near the nipples. I am looking forward to being fully immersed in this lifestyle in a matter of days.
I put in my notice at work with the last day being Dec 5th. I have said goodbye to my Godparents. I’ve also let my mother-in-law know that I will be leaving that day for my new life so now I am in the process of sorting out what to keep and what to get rid of and packing things up as I get ready to load the car. I have told the oldest two of my late husband’s children that I will be leaving but am still unsure how to tell the youngest two. They still have not come to terms with my husband’s passing but I must move forward with my life and I know that this is a move that he would want me to take as he was well aware of the **** that I am and openly encouraged me to be a **** every chance that I could. This new life as a hucow at the Ranch is the ultimate for any **** who is not afraid to look at herself in the mirror in front of her stanchion and embrace her inner **** every time that she feels the tug of the milker upon her teats or sees the Bull’s seed running down her inner thigh.
My period started on Sunday. It started off light as usual and by Monday morning it was really going. The cramps this month are worse than usual. I spent most of Monday napping and spending time with my Godfather. The cramps are bad, but I’ve also been having the back cramps. My breasts are more tender than normal. I really don’t like this part but I’m not sure how much of it is the fenugreek and how much is my body starting to purge the stress of the world from itself.
My new Owner, our Ranch Foreman, was upset when I shared that I changed a tire on the car last night without assistance. I took care of the issue without searching out help. I think a lot of it is my behaving in a feminist manner instead of as the girl I am becoming. Too bad I am not there so that I could get the spanking I deserve. We are down to just a week left until I will never have to deal with this stuff again. I’m throwing myself off the ledge when I leave here and I look forward to giving up that freedom. I cannot wait to give up everything for this new life.
I will be fertile when I arrive at the ranch. I cannot wait to be bred. It should be fun and very much an experience for me. I will be accepting that I will be in an Owner / Pet relationship.
I cannot wait ‘til I don’t have to stress; only 7 more days.
OwnedCarrie OwnedCarrie
31-35, F
Dec 1, 2012