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I posted this elsewhere, in the 'I want a human pet' group.. but, I guess it's more fitting here as well..

I know there are many others like me, feeling small.. scared.. and alone in this crazy world. Others like me seeking that one person to whom we can devote our everything, someone we can trust with everything we are. I'm one of many, and those who are dominant to the point of appointing themselves masters are few. Even less are the good ones who can and are willing to take care of someone in such a way that a pet needs. So I'm left to watch the world go by day after day as I wonder if I'll ever meet that person to make my life complete. To give me purpose in everything I do, the person to which I could devote myself and everything I am. Weeks go by. Months. It crosses my mind every few days. It feels like it's been an eternity now. I don't think I'll ever actually find a master. I came close twice. Both times the person I found simply wasn't master material. Not by my judgement, but in that they actually said they didn't want a pet. I don't think I'll ever actually find a master, but yet I find myself here. Trying. Hoping that by some chance of random fate that one person looking for a someone like me happens to glance over this.
Adenfal Adenfal
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 9, 2013

hey i have a friend who would love to be your owner message me

do you have 2 friends