Mistress Indira's Toilet Slave

I had been lucky enough to be serve at the feet of a beautiful north Indian Mistress Indira, whom I had been serving for about six months as her live in slave. She was a very self confident and intelligent woman who seemed to be in love with herself . She knew that she could have any man she wanted.
On one particular afternoon she seemed a little bored and frustrated with me. “You need to start doing more to please me” she snapped. I wondered to myself what more could she possibly want from me as I had given her my complete devotion. I asked if I could give her a foot massage but she seemed very disinterested. My mistress was very quiet for a few hours and barely spoke a word to me. I felt a little unsettled as I knew that I would usually be tending to her every beck and call. By that evening my Mistress was flicking though the TV channels and was also on her mobile talking and laughing loudly. I was intrigued to why she was laughing so intensely, but I didn’t understand as she was speaking in Hindi.
After her conversation Mistress Indira called to me. “ I’ve got plans for you” she said.
I became even more concerned and I felt quite nervous. “ I’ve noticed you have hardly eaten anything for the whole day, are you hungry?” said Mistress Indira. “Yes Mistress I am actually” I said. I was genuinely peckish but had been too on edge to eat anything that day. “ Good, I’ve got something for that!” she said with a cheeky smirk on her face. My Mistress then abruptly said “lie on the floor” and I did so; but my heart was thumping as I didn’t know what to expect. She then walked over to me and stood over my face and her sari draped over my face. By the time she had stood over my face I began to suspect what was about to happen. “Open that mouth of yours she snapped” I complied reluctantly. “Open wider” she said.
Mistress Indira then slowly lowered herself over my face until her yoni was pressed against my lips, I could smell her scent.She then began to pee into my mouth! I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. “You better swallow every drop or else you’ll wish that you weren’t born” she said quickly. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. It was warm and salty but I carefully managed to swallow every drop out of fear of her wrath. “Good boy” said my Mistress “ I’ve got something else for you” but I was wise enough to know what was coming. She then began to position herself until her anus was directly above my mouth. My heart skipped a beat, and my Mistress began to heave “mmmm “ehhh” until a gigantic brown log slowly emerged and eventually fell right into my open mouth. I was in absolute shock! It was very bitter and gluey and even spicy. The smell was foul! I felt like I was going to throw up, but she began to stare down at me and I knew what was expected of me. So I began to chew it fighting desperately against my involuntary reflex to regurgitate. “Swallow it” she yelled” I fought with all my might to get it down. I finally began to get it down little by little and strangely enough a felt a weird sense of achievement. Just as I managed to consume what had been given to me, my Mistress began to groan again and I knew that I was going to get seconds. She then slowly pushed out the next log into my mouth; luckily this one was a little smaller.
I then started to do what I had learned just a few moments earlier but I wasn’t doing a great job this time,
“ I thought you said you were hungry” said my mistress smiling with amusement.
“You will eat all of it if you know what’s good for you.” So again I battled with her stool until I had completely swallowed it. My stomach then began to feel Ill and bloated. “Open wide” said my mistress, so I did and she saw that my mouth was completely empty. She then began to laugh uncontrollably. I’d never felt so small in my life. She laughed and laughed for ages and couldn’t compose herself. “You make me feel so special” she chuckled after she finally stopped her laughter. My Mistress then left me and went to have a shower while I was there stinking of her ****.
When Mitress Indira came out of the shower she instructed me to rub her skin with the oils that she uses and I did so for about thirty minutes untill the phone began to ring, so I brought the phone to her. “Hello” she answered; and that was the only word that I understood. The rest of the conversation continued in Hindi, however going by the tone of her voice she sounded excited and before long that uncontrollable laughing started again. I began to wish that the earth would swallow me up! She would not stop laughing and I wondered if it was me she was talking and laughing about, but dared not ask her.
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WooooooooW you are soooo lucky i hope i was in your place under mistress Indira feet drinking & eating her pee & scat

Wow I have some doubts about the veracity of this story but if it's true then lucky dude indeed. It's my dream to be a young Indian girl's personal toilet. I think a vegetarian desi girl might have nice tasting ****.

i want a mistress too i'm from gujarat, india

I need her as my slave.

cute story.

do you wanna be my servant?

i wanaa

I want to be ur slave my mistress i can do anything to please my beautiful mistress

Did anyone ever have their mistress take a dump in the toilet, ten handcuff their ands behind their back, and then shove their heads in the toilet and hold them under the water full of turds?

I loved your story...I too am a toilet slave in MA, USA. Any mistresses in meed of feeding a brown and golden treat to their toilet slave? Sincere. 48, 6 ft. DDF/ WM. 198 lbs.


great story

u r soo lucky man i hope that happened with me

moi aussi j'aimerais servir de wc a une princesse

if you say so, get a life

Who told you that?

I envy you.

I loved it. I wish I were you.

You are a lucky guy. It must be fantastic to serve a lady like that. I would be in heaven if something like that could happen to me.