Personal Toilet Slave

I am my girlfriends personal toilet slave. When ever or where ever my mouth is her toilet. I love when she fills my mouth with her golden nectar. When we go out and she has to pee she brings me into either the bathroom or a secluded spot outside. She stradles my mouth with her ***** and empties her bladder down my throat. I then lick her clean and bring her to an ******. This is my place in life. I love drinking her hot golden nectar. I am her toilet.
smoothbill smoothbill
61-65, M
12 Responses Jan 16, 2011

how neat ! wish my wife would do this for me .

You got me thinking how does it taste?

It all depends. Sometimes sweet, sometimes no taste at all, other times alittle salty ! Try it ! You won\'t be disappointed !!!!

Wow! Sounds hot

what happens if she wants more than a pee

I only drink pee, we do not do scat.

is that what you call it

you lucky sod i wish i could taste that again

I really want to try

For me there is no greater thrill than to be a toilet slave..drink and eat from my mistress!!<br />
To be allowed to clean her afterward is my reward.. many too many times to count!!<br />
Open for women who need a toilet..swallow all and enjoy it!!

i wiuld like to toilet slave pls you invet me

When she has had enough tequila and a lot of urging, my wife will use me, too. But not often enough for my taste.

that is so hot. I 2 clean my girls pus after she pees

I've never had anyone else use me in this way. I am hers and hers alone to do with what ever she choses.

Ever had another than your girlfriend use you this way ?