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Personal Toilet Slave

I am my girlfriends personal toilet slave. When ever or where ever my mouth is her toilet. I love when she fills my mouth with her golden nectar. When we go out and she has to pee she brings me into either the bathroom or a secluded spot outside. She stradles my mouth with her ***** and empties her bladder down my throat. I then lick her clean and bring her to an ******. This is my place in life. I love drinking her hot golden nectar. I am her toilet.
smoothbill smoothbill 56-60, M 14 Responses Jan 16, 2011

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how neat ! wish my wife would do this for me .

You got me thinking how does it taste?

It all depends. Sometimes sweet, sometimes no taste at all, other times alittle salty ! Try it ! You won\'t be disappointed !!!!

Wow! Sounds hot

Hi hi, rất vui đc làm quen hi hi mình là boy, thích sex bẩn, thích được con gái cho hửi liếm quần lót , gặm băng vệ sinh, uống nước đái, ăn cứt, chất ói... nói chung là tất cả những gì từ cơ thể phụ nữ xuất ra đều thơm ngon cả( mồ hôi, dâm thủy, nước đái, kinh nguyệt, huyết trắng, khí hư,chất ói mữa, cứt mũi, đờm dãi, nước bọt,mùi rắm, cứt ỉa...) mình đều thèm cả, rất vui được làm quen với các slave và mistress để tâm sự và chia sẽ sở thích, nc cho hứng chơi.

Me too

what happens if she wants more than a pee

I only drink pee, we do not do scat.

is that what you call it

you lucky sod i wish i could taste that again

I really want to try

For me there is no greater thrill than to be a toilet slave..drink and eat from my mistress!!<br />
To be allowed to clean her afterward is my reward.. many too many times to count!!<br />
Open for women who need a toilet..swallow all and enjoy it!!

i wiuld like to toilet slave pls you invet me

When she has had enough tequila and a lot of urging, my wife will use me, too. But not often enough for my taste.

that is so hot. I 2 clean my girls pus after she pees

I've never had anyone else use me in this way. I am hers and hers alone to do with what ever she choses.

Ever had another than your girlfriend use you this way ?