How I Became Her Toilet

My girlfriend and I were sitting side by side on the sofa in Her parents home watching TV, they were away at the time, and we had the house all to ourselves. At the advert break She got up saying She was going to the kitchen to get Herself a drink, and did I want one, I replied no thanks not at the moment. When She returned, She was surprised, and not a little annoyed to see me lying full length and face up on the sofa. Where am I going to sit She said?,

I suppose you'll have to sit on me I answered. Without another word She turned Her back on me and sat Herself down on my chest, there are no words to describe my feelings as I looked up at Her statuesque figure, and felt Her full weight on my body. In no time at all I had a huge bone hard erection, although I don't think She noticed it. after a while I asked Her if She was alright, Yes She said, and how about you? Oh I' am fine I said, I like having you sit on me, but I would like it a lot more, if you sat on my face.

Hardly was the word face out of my mouth, than She had got up. moved sideways, and those lovely well rounded bottom cheeks of Hers were right above me and descending fast. I was plunged into total darkness, and all noise had disappeared, except I now heard a new type of sound that I had never heard before. It was a type of distant rumbling gurgle almost continually from deep inside her body. This I concluded was the sound of Her digestive juices doing their work on the meal She had recently eaten.

These sounds were a great turn on for me, and gave me strange ideas that I hope to tell you of later on. As She continued to sit on my face, I experienced for the first time, an incredible felling of total devotion to Her, I would have done anything for Her, I wanted to be Her slave, I would gladly have sacrificed my life for Her. Listening to those sounds coming from inside Her, I wondered what it would be like if She possessed magic powers, and could reduce me in size until I was about 2 inches tall, pop me into Her mouth, take a drink, and swallow me whole and alive down into Her stomach.

Once there She would use Her magic powers again to increase my size until I completely filled that organ to its capacity. She would then sit down in a comfortable arm chair, lean back, close Her eyes put both hands on Her by now bloated belly, and enjoy the incredible sensation of digesting an unwanted, and useless slave. Now at long last I was serving Her in the way She liked most, my excruciating pain, was Her greatest pleasure. It was particularly enjoyable for Her, as She had to do absolutely nothing but sit back relax, and let Her normal bodily processes do the job for Her.

She drank a lot of water in order to dilute Her digestive juices, so that my pain, and Her pleasure would last all that longer, She could still feel me moving around inside Her, and just about hear my muffled screams as I was being slowly very slowly digested, and changed into nutriment for Her benefit, and excrement for disposal in due coarse.

Well I always said I wanted to be a part of Her, and now I am, but what part I wonder? . Just how long She remained sitting on my face I don't know, perhaps twenty minutes or more, however, as soon as the TV program had finished, She got up, and I asked Her if She had enjoyed it, "yes I did" She replied, I would never have dreamed of doing such a thing, but you have introduced me to my hidden side, and I like it. You talk too much anyway, and now I know just how to keep you quite whenever I want to, and enjoy it at the same time.

Tell me She said, what is it like for you when I am sitting on your face?. It is I replied an incredible mixture of feelings, firstly the knowledge that you are enjoying having me underneath you, that you are exercising your authority over me, your enjoyment of my symbolic act of total surrender to you.The feeling of your silky smooth dress all over my face as your fully rounded bottom cheeks pushes my head down into the cushions of the sofa, I am plunged into total darkness, and can only hear the sounds coming from inside your body, as your digestive juices go to work on the contents of your stomach. I love it every time you move, re-position yourself, cross ,and re-cross your legs, not knowing just how long you will continue to remain where you are, is for me a pleasure beyond description.

I'd just love to do it again She said.. No problem I replied, just whenever You want to, tell me to lie down, and do it. Does this mean then that I can do whatever I like with you? She asked, yes of course you can I replied, as long as it does not cause me any physical injury, or long term ill health. Come with me She said taking me by the hand, and leading me up stairs to Her bedroom. There She sat on the end of Her bed, removed Her panties, lifted up the front of Her skirt, lay back on the bed with Her legs wide apart, and said "Get down on your knees between my feet, and lick my *****, and don't stop until I tell you to"..

What a wonderful sight, I was down there like a shot, kissing, sucking, and licking to my hearts content, and at the same time giving Her the pleasure She so richly deserved. At one point the tip of my tongue must have touched Her pee hole, for She gave an involuntary emission of urine into my mouth, not a lot, just about a egg cup full I would think, She froze, and started to apologize. Please don't apologize I said it tasted great, I liked it, You liked it She replied?, and would you like some more, oh yes please I said.

Then lie down on the floor and open your mouth wide... She got up of the bed, stood above me with one foot on either side of my head, lowered Herself down, until Her wet ***** was above and in contact with my mouth, then She released the entire contents of Her by then full bladder directly into my wide open eager waiting mouth. Her lovely golden nectar had a rich tangy taste, it was not only out of her body, but, "out of this world". Not a drop was wasted, as I felt my stomach filling up.

It was great to know that what had been an intimate part of Her, was now an intimate part of me. After She had finished, I was commanded to lick her clean,,,then She got back again onto the bed, and instructed me to carry on as before..Her body arched, She moaned, and just before Her ******, She opened Her legs wider, put both Her hands behind my head pulled me in, and closed Her legs so tightly, I thought my skull would crack.

So, She said you like having me sit on your face, and you like drinking my pee, ideal, from now on you are my toilet, but only for liquid use, no solids, much as I would love to, as there is a health risk (She is a hospital nurse). All is not lost ,however, as I will try to immunize you against getting any infection from me, by using you in place of toilet paper... Whenever I need to defecate you will come with me to the bathroom, you will first drink my pee, and after I have used the toilet you will lick my anus, and the surrounding area spotlessly clean.

This means that you will be obliged to swallow some of my solid material, but not enough to make you ill, my anus will still be wet from your tongue. This I will dry with toilet paper before dropping it into your mouth for you to swallow... This is how things will continue for the next four weeks,.. then if I am satisfied that all is well, I shall use you for both functions. Now come with me She said, I am desperate for a poo. I had never been happier, I just could not believe my good fortune, so much had happened in so short a time.

I had often wondered what it would be like to have my face sat upon by a Woman, and now I knew, I really enjoyed it, and what's more She enjoyed sitting on my face, so much so in fact that She was keen to do it again. My mouth had been so close to Her *****, that I found myself wondering what it would be like to drink Female urine, but knew that I would never have the nerve to ask. As it so happened, there was no need to, in fact I had drunk from Her love fountain twice, and had also been used as toilet paper by Her when she ordered me to lick Her arse hole clean, after She had defecated.

She left the bathroom, entered the lounge, and sat down in one of the arm chairs, I followed, and sat down on the carpet in front of Her. What are you doing down there? She asked,, showing you respect I said, I want to be your slave. Oh don't worry about that She said, you already are, and have been ever since you asked me to move sideways and sit on your face, as soon as you said that, I knew that you were mine, you were in my power, and I could do with you just what I wanted.

There I was sitting on the floor of Her parents house, looking up at Her, a, 5 foot 10 inch tall magnificent statuesque example of feminine perfection. Only a few short hours ago She had been my passive girlfriend, but now She was my Dominant Face Sitting Mistress, and I was no longer Her boyfriend, but Her passive obedient dedicated total slave, and Her very own personal human toilet. This new relationship was exactly what we wanted, and both of us were keen to put it into practice as soon as possible.

Go and get me a drink She said, and don't have any yourself. When I returned She continued. From now on I will supply all that you drink, when you drink, where you drink, how much you drink, and how often you drink, but don't worry there will always be enough, and may very well at some future time be more than you can manage,, we will have to see wont we?. What She meant by this last remark, I will explain another time. After I had given Her the drink She had ordered, She said,, lie face down on the floor, with your head towards me, and worm, and wriggle, like the worm you are right up to my feet, and kiss them.

I did exactly as I had been told,,, She had removed Her slippers, and kissing Her nylon clad feet was indeed a great honor, after a short while She moved her feet apart, and ordered me to turn over on to my back, and put my head between Her legs, and keep perfectly still. She lifted up Her feet,and placed both of them on my face. I want to feel what you are like as a foot stool She said... Some day She continued when I have been for a long walk I am going to use you as a door mat, and you can lick my shoes, and then my smelly feet spotlessly clean.

You have been a good boy She said, and I am going to give you your reward, but first go and get me another drink. when I returned She continued,, now get undressed, sit down in front of me with your legs wide apart, and move up close to my toes, remain perfectly still, although you can make a noise if you want to. My **** which is just a little over 6 1/2" long by 2"thick was rampant, and pointing up at an angle of about 40 degrees. She moved Her right big toe forward a little, and touched one of my balls applying a slight downward pressure, all the time closely watching the expression on my face as She slowly very slowly applied more downward pressure, the pain became excruciating I lost control and screamed stop.

She smiled at me, immediately lifted Her foot, and placed it above my still rampant ****, pushed it all the way down to the carpet, where She proceeded to move Her lovely silky nylon clad foot backwards, forwards, and from side to side. The sensations I experienced were out of this world,,,She would stop from time to time in order to make it last as long as possible, but in the end I was unable to stop myself from shooting a huge load of ***** all over the underside of Her foot, and the carpet.

She leaned back in Her chair, lifted up Her foot to my mouth, and demanded that I lick it all off, and swallow same, then I was made to lie flat on my stomach, and do the same for the carpet. Now come with She said, and took me again up to Her bedroom, where I was told to lie face upwards on top of the covers, to keep my month, and eyes closed at all times and to remain still. She then climbed onto the bed lowered Her naked ***** down on to my face, and proceeded to move backwards and forward, from side to side, and up and down like horse riding, using my nose, and the undulations of my face to give Herself a huge ******.

Having Her soaking wet, hot, slippery ***** all over my face was a very enjoyable humiliation, however, there was more to come, She told me to open my mouth wide, as She was now bursting for a ****, I thought She would never stop, I must have swallowed at least a pint and a half of Her lovely tangy tasting golden nectar. I really enjoyed that She said, I can't wail until I have you all to myself. My parents come home tomorrow, and you are to tell them that you have proposed to me, that I have accepted, and we wont to get married as soon as possible.

All that was some years ago. We were married, and in our new home in about six weeks. At once we started the four week long immunization process already referred to, and then at long last came the moment that we had both yearned for. During those four weeks we made a suitable movable toilet which enabled me to lie down on a bench with my head on an adjustable padded rest so that my face could be pushed up from below by the one seated.

She always enjoyed Her food, which included a lot of meat, this had the effect of making Her somewhat constipated, She put off Her visit until Her rectum was full to capacity, as She wanted to enjoy as much as possible the complete use of me as Her very own personal human toilet. She nodded to me with that stern look of Hers, and I knew that the time had come for me to take up my position. Shortly after, She also took up Her position, adjusted my head rest to suit Herself, and proceeded to relieve Her full bladder.

She then wiped Her wet ***** clean, put the used toilet paper into my mouth, and re positioned Herself for what She later described as without a shadow of doubt the greatest most enjoyable experience of Her life. Before moving forward a little to place Her anus directly over my mouth, She put Her hands under Her bottom cheeks, and pulled them apart, She then operated the leaver to push my face upwards so that I became a mere extent ion of Her digestive tract. I started to lick, kiss, and suck as She groaned, and tried hard to push out the first log, I felt Her flesh bulge outwards, but Her anus remained tightly closed.

She relaxed and the bulge went back up again, after a short while She again groaned, pushed hard, and this time Her anal ring opened just a little, this went on and on several times, until I was at last able to get my tongue up inside Her anus just far enough to touch the head of the first huge log. Two more attempts, and then the first part of my next meal slowly began to descend into my wide open eager waiting mouth...

Years before I had met Her, and being a submissive bisexual, I had often given deep throat oral sex to a number of men, and I had more than once had an 8" by 2" fully erect bone hard **** as far down my throat as it would go. After a short while, the head of the first log was at the entrance of my throat. At last what we had both yearned so long for had come to pass, She said it was awesome, and I couldn't agree with Her more, for the very first time, I had been allowed to swallow the entire contents of what had been Her fully distended rectum.

I was already privileged to drink Her urine several times a day, but now for the very first time She had used me as Her Full toilet slave, and I was overjoyed. She said that the sensations for Her had been so great, that She was desperate to do it again as soon as possible, and to this end She said, from now on all your other meals will first be reduced to a substance that can be put into a syringe of suitable size, and then inserted into my back passage, enema style, I will then keep it inside me for a while so that it can be mixed up with what remains of my meals.

This will have the advantage of giving you all the nutrient you need, and I shall not have to wait two to three days before I can use you again, also it will be somewhat softer, and therefore easier for you to swallow. Many times in the past She had sat on me just in order to enjoy the pleasure of farting in my face, Her skirts made a sort of tent, and kept the foul stink there for a long time.

The material now in my stomach continued to generate gas, and in due course my belly was fully distended, I had to belch, and was once again able to enjoy the humiliation of inhaling the pungent odor of Her farts, but this time from inside me, and not as a result of Her sitting on my face. I had to belch again and again for the next two hours or so.

After about three hours, She used me once more, but this time to give me my first new style meal, it was an incredibly enjoyable experience for me, as I know it was for Her also. As She had indicated it was so easy to swallow. I was as they say, "over the moon". I had this day for the first time become my Mistress very own personal human toilet to be used for both functions, and from now on the only food, and drink I would ever have would come from inside the body of my owner, my Goddess, She who I worship, in fact I worship the very ground She walks on.

Here I could be accused of worshiping myself, as not infrequently I am in fact the very ground She walks on, and that is something I really enjoy, and look forward to. As I have already indicated above, She who owns me said. "From now on I will supply all that you drink, when you drink, where you drink, how much you drink, and how often you drink, but don't worry there will always be enough, and may well be at some times in the future perhaps more than you can manage,,we will have to see.

What She meant by this last part, I will explain another time." At the time I was not quite sure just what She meant by this, but I was soon to find out.. As I have said, She is a nurse in a nearby Hospital, where She has made friends with other nurses of like mind, all of whom know of Her dominant relationship with me, Her slave husband, Many of these friends were keen to see just how She uses me, and to this end it was not long before She invited six of them to our home for what She described as, "a girls night in" , each one had been told to feel free to use me in the same way that She does..

The wine flowed freely, and it wasn't long before each one it turn had to use me as Her toilet, and some of them more than once mainly for liquid relief only, but two of them also for defecation as well.. Fortunately I was not used by them in quick succession, and was therefore able to swallow all their waste products, I estimate that I must have drunk a gallon at least of their different flavored honey that evening.

Usemefor a Woman's toilet.
usemefor usemefor
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I hunger for the deepest intimacy with a female, to only imbibe of her divine essence that most women are taught they are to cleanse off themselves and wash down the drain, that they are not good enough, so they must shave and wear make-up to hide their natural beauty, which to me is perfect as they were born with.

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