House Toilet

My name is toilet craig,I was a live in toilet slave to three very Dominant and sadistic Females,two White Females and one Black,the Black Female was the most Dominant and the head of the house.I was to always wear a choke chain around my neck hooked to a slave chain,about six feet long.Every mourning I,am to orally service the Black Dominant,She would then use me as Her full toilet.As I lay on Her floor on my back chained to the hooks in the floor,my owner mounts my face and begin to ride my face.If I,am not licking and sucking Her properly,She pull up on the chain and choke me until I do better.After about 30 mins.,it is time to be used as Her toilet.She would first put Her **** into my mouth then push down with Her weight opening my mouth very wide,then let go with Her **** holding some of it.It would go straight down my throat,She then slide Her *** hole into my mouth and sit on my mouth with all of Her weight.She would sit for awhile and make me lick and suck Her rectum,suddenly it starts to pucker out.She then orders me to move my toilet tongue out of the way and open wide so Her **** can slide down your my ***** toilet throat.Suddenly Her **** filled my mouth,as it came out,She pushed down harder with Her *** and ******** harder forcing Her **** down my throat,you know,like flushing it down my throat.When She was done,She slide Her **** back into my mouth and washed the rest of Her **** in my mouth down my throat with Her ****.My beautiful Black Mistress was done,now my other two Female owners can use me.My Female owner is now allowing other Females to use me,anyway you like.Write at:Craig T,28 East Jackson,10th fl./#T391,Chicago,IL.,60604
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2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

Luckily for me my wife/mistress dislikes the idea of having a toilet slave as it is dangerous and unhealthy. She does loan me to one of her black ladyfriends though who takes great delight in using me as a slave. Her theory is that she is avenging the treatment that some of her black ancestors may have suffered. With her I am kept chained and naked at all times, the work I am made to do for her (housework ) is inspected very carefully and I am hung up and whipped for the slightest mistake or work she says is sub standard.Any time I am not working or being tortured she will chain me in as uncomfortable a position as she can devise and giggle as she watches me helplessly try to relieve the constant discomfort.My wife/mistress just says I am a slave and if I complain I will be whipped again by her.