**** And Spit In My Mouth

I am waiting for people to use me as their full time toilet.  Make me fully naked and keep in toilet box duly closed with opening for people to sit above me and **** directly into my mouth.**** well, Spit mouthful and urinate. Force me to eat fresh **** breakfast totally and then call another to **** into my mouth.  Atleast let two people give **** breakfast in my mouth and make me eat followed by fresh urine. If I resist, bring a dog and see that dog urinates in my mouth. If possible, put dog scat also in my mouth and ask me to chew well.  You may give cow dung to eat for lunch and its urine.  For dinner, let two people **** in my mouth.  At weekends, give me public toilet feast and little donkey urine and scat also. 
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Nov 27, 2012