How We Started To Be Toilets

Some time ago, I asked my wife to pee for me. We'd both tried it before, she with an old friend and me with a beautiful young prostitute. Well, we enjoyed it so much that I now often put a hand under her when she's on the toilet, just to warm my hands. Just to show off, I did once fill a pint beer jug from her then drank it but it's much it's much nicer straight from the 'tap'. We're going to buy a commode now so we can lie under it. We've both decided to try each others poop next. We want to put our mouths up against each others holes and take it as it comes out. Just for added fun, we will also try putting chocolate fudge bars up each other and eating them as they come out (wife says 'brighton rock' is too bIg and hard ;-) . ). We already love the flavour of each others bum holes, especially when the tongue goes right in. We have both decided though that curry beforehand is a no go. I also want to rub some on my wife's t1ts and lick it off. Definitely a shower after ;-) . Well, I'll follow this up as things progress. That's all folks. Follow-up 1. Later that afternoon. Wife surprised me by telling me that her botty had a present for me. WOW. Where to try it though. We ended up with my wife sitting on the edge of the bath while I lay on the floor. Started licking her bum hole and soon felt the tip of the present coming through. Seconds later I had a mouth full with a large t*u*r*d which I took out whole, bit off a bit and tried it. Delicious. I then went back to the wife and licked her hole clean. We finished by both sharing the remains. Coode tomorrow we hope and we'll switch places.
hornymananndwoman hornymananndwoman
Jan 21, 2013