My Personal.urinal

I have a male slave drink my **** twice a day every day simply because it feels better ******* into someone's mouth. Looking for a full time live in slave so I can always have a mouth to **** in.
pissfeeder pissfeeder
3 Responses Sep 7, 2012

Only 2 times?!? ...well that sucks.
I'm happy to know that there are women out there like you, REAL women who will only pee in a man's mouth!
I would serve you 24/7. You could drink liquids just to abuse me, I'd be happy with that.

My mouth is a public urinal and ***** depository. I also like to have my face decorated with *****. I usually smell of stale urine from strangers and from my friends. If you are evr in Sc I am open for public use.

Sounds like fun I have let men **** in my mouth a few timen.