I Love Drinking Pee.

I write so many stories about **** that it is totally redundant. But I had a dream that there was a bathroom where every urinal was a woman and it was like that in the Mens Room and the Ladies Room. That turned me like, well I don't know what it was like but it was intense. The point is, I'm like a human urinal when it comes to people having to pee. If you gotta go and your with me, you might as well go on me.

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53 Responses Jan 4, 2010

Would love to go in you. Would love to be at the movies with you, have to go, but not want to leave. pull you to your knees in front of me, pull my **** out, put it in your mouth and feed you all my ****.

Can we **** on each other?

That's totally intense and hot

Guys only?

plz add me ill do anything for u to add mr

yep anything

I'd LOVE to pee all over you and in your hot mouth and then have you pee all over me and in my mouth too ummmmmm!!!

Come to Washington sometime and we could have a lot of fun

I would love to lick you as you pee then clean you up with my tough

What about in you?

Good girl, my wife is my urinal, and she, like you, purports to enjoy it.

Hope you find your own hose soon.

Sounds like my kind of urinal. I am the same!

mmm...I'd like to see how much **** you could hold inside your *** before running like a waterfall

We would have to **** all over each other because I love pee also. I used to have a friend(before I moved ) that would **** in my pants while I was wearing them then I would **** and I could soak a pair of levis.a couple of girls I ****** pissed on me but wouldn't let me **** on. Them. Oh well

I'd like to take you with me on long car journeys, so I don't have to keep stopping to have a pee :)

may I? <br />
i will kiss you after leaking ?

i would love to pee all over you and in your mouth... but then you have to return the favor baby!

Can't remember if I've already posted here. Normally I like to be the one getting peed on but there's just something about the way you express yourself that makes me eager to pee on you. I've only got a small bladder so I'd have to hold to my absolute limit in order to give you a long enough pee to enjoy. It would certainly be worth it for you though.

You can drink from my fountain if you wish...fresh and warm

Love the way your mind works

Wow peeinpublic i would love to have the opportunity to pee on you. I love pee games and would love you to rain your golden nectar down on me. Mmmmmm oh yes......pee beautiful lady.<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing Fontana

You know there a lot of manga jav movies on this theme ?<br />
And the vids are nearly incredible, just as you.<br />
Keep telling us what you do :)

it was pretty cool to imagine so I wanted to add you to my circle...but I don't have any tokens to message you :~( I think I'm going to read some of your other stories now - too bad I'm at work!!!!

I would have a "hard" time leaving the bathroom if you were one of the choices for a urinal.

I would have a "hard" time leaving the bathroom if you were one of the choices for a urinal.

i love it too........

get a **** funnel gag You will become more efficient and usable

ice pee cubes ....it's summer !

I'm not sure if I would drink pee but that idea had cross my mind more than once, and reading what you do, how easy and simple it is to enjoy it, is nice.<br />
<br />
I read a story, about a boy asking his girlfriend to put ice inside her vagina and go outside to take a walk, her body heat melt it so she felt cold drops running down her legs, so the only way to compensate that feeling was by peeing on herself just a little bit, so that was a long game they did before having a great night. Maybe... just maybe you could find that idea interesting, if so, I'm willing to know your thoughts about. In the meantime I'll be reading your stories.

It would be great to **** at the same time. Me ******* in or on you and you ******* in my mouth.

I'd love you to be my toilet!

i live in bradenton florida and i would like to be used as a urinal for women. i love the taste of pee have not tried poop yet but pee is a real turn on and i love to drink it, so if there is any ladies here localy my name is Thomas

You are such a turn on it's not funny. I would give anything to be close to you and please you.....and of course have you do the same to me ;-)

It was a good comment on its own, but did you have to post 5 times?

You are such a turn on it's not funny. I would give anything to be close to you and please you.....and of course have you do the same to me ;-)

You are such a turn on it's not funny. I would give anything to be close to you and please you.....and of course have you do the same to me ;-)

You are such a turn on it's not funny. I would give anything to be close to you and please you.....and of course have you do the same to me ;-)

You are such a turn on it's not funny. I would give anything to be close to you and please you.....and of course have you do the same to me ;-)

wow! i love your desire to get peed on! I didn't think a woman would get into that kind of thing!?! lol but I've dreamed for years about peeing on a woman! mmmm.. speaking of which.. I now have to pee, but idk if ill hit the toilet right cuz im soooo turNED ON! xD

I love to be peed on by girls, but have never peed on one.... Though the thought of using you as a urinal sounds awesome, especially if you reached out and licked the tip of my **** clean when I was done.<br />
<br />
Of course I'd fully expect you to return the favor!

I'd love to be a full time toilet for girls. There are a few different girls who's pee I drink every single week. My girlfriend will pee in my mouth whenever I want and let me swallow it. I just lie in the bathtub and she squats over my mouth and slowly lets it go. With the other girls I meet them out and about and give them a container, they go into the public restrooms and fill it and give it me back. I'm slowly training my body to take in as much pee as I possibly can so that it gets used to the taste and stops me trying to gag, which happens sometimes when I swallow a lot.<br />
<br />
Just starting to also try eating girl's poop. A lot harder to get down, but I need to get my body used to that too if I want to be able to be used as a toilet very regularly.<br />
<br />
My dream would be to be hooked up to the toilet in a female restroom in a nightclub. Instead of water in the bowl, just a pipe which leads down somewhere to a bowl where all their waste goes. All these sexy girls doing their business and I get to swallow everything completely. I wouldn't want anything else to eat or drink ever except water and vitamin pills. All my pleasure would come from the taste of what I get from them.

Each to their own sir, but I just can't cross the line to solids. Don't know why, because I'm really enthusiastic about pee, but it's just never appealed.

i love u

i love u

I'm ready to pee, you just have to open your mouth ...

wish i could have been in that bathroom :)

that's makes lots of ****, perhaps a swimming pool full !

What you prefer more ?<br />
A public urinal, a highway rest area urinal, a football stadium urinal .....

i love your thinking...

Buy a big funnel to keep in your mouth next time ...

Wow Scatgirl, that's sexy, what were you both wearing?

I love your stories they really let a person see the sexy inner you. I would love to be with you when you had to pee. You could sit in my lap and go while we kissed and made out. LOVE Samantha

One time I was helping a girlfriend back to her place. She was drunk unconscious. I was quite sober as I had not met up with her until quite late. I had to carry her out of the taxi and haul her up stairs. She had been sick, which I strangely find fascinating. I sat down to rest with her half way across my lap. She started peeing herself.<br />
<br />
I did not know what to do. After a couple of seconds I moved myself so I was sat in her puddle and it was trickling down in my lap. I hoped she would not come to. But after a very long time she did sort of wake up and try to get her pants down, but we were both soaked.<br />
<br />
I have kissed girls but I was shocked at myself doing this. I ******** her and got her into bed. Then I put all our clothes in the wash, and got into bed with her. I really wanted to wake up in a wet bed, but we didn't. She had the mother of all hangovers next day. So I borrowed some of her clothes and went home.<br />
<br />
A couple of days later she met up with me and said thanks. She had very vague memories of collapsing on top of me and thought she might have wet herself. I told her it was okay, I was just dong what friends do. She told me a guy she was very keen on got off with another girl in front of her, so she got very drunk. Nothing else happened between us.

Best thing ive heard all day wish i had someone so open minded

I saw a urinal once with pictures of beautiful women in various poses. That was an amazing dunny!

mm yes please and likewise.