The Art of Life.....

What is it that we leave behind?  I've asked that question many times, usually when I experience a loss of a love one or I see unwarranted violence such as Virginia Tech (my heart aches for the famillies).   I truly believe that the person leaves behind the portrait of their life, some portraits are bright with an inspirational message while others are dark. 

Imagine each person we encounter is a color that we paint on our canvas, the form of the paint is the experience we have, and the tone of the painting is derived from our perception.  How many of us would have bright paintings?

My human experiences have been varied, like most.  I was abused as a child, so I do not have the happy bright colors of a radiant childhood but as an adult I have acquired the bright colors and now feverishly paint.  Would their be darkness on my canvas of life? Yes, but only to provide depth to the light of the painting.

Our perception of life truly formulates our painting, for if we see the world harshly, our paint strokes become broad (think Van Gogh) and our colors somber.  The more dark we see the more we bring dark into our reality.  When you focus on the brightness, the little things such as the butterfly that flitters upon a leaf, or the warm breeze that caresses your face as you hear it rumble through the tree that you sit under, life slowly becomes brighter when we seek the little joys.

Seek the little joys in life and the brilliant colors will soon follow.  Ask yourself on the bad day, what piece of my portrait am I painting today and do I really want the darkness to come through?  We all will have darkness but remember, we chose how much darkness to let in. 

May all your life be filled with joyful expression...


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Positivity is the key :)

:) Yeah baby! You've got the right idea there. :) Peace,J