I Am.....

I am an anarchist, anti-imperalist, anti-nationalist, and a whole bunch of other 'things'

i support the plight of the palestinian people, the irish, the tamils, those in sudan, zimbabwae, the middle east, and all of the oppressed.


but ultimately, all it really comes down to, is that im a humanitarian. i dont need names, ages, pictures, face, to cry for people who die. i dont need to know someone for my heart to break when i hear they have suffered at the hands of another. i dont need to know what side they were on, who they were supporting, what they wanted, to cry over their deaths or their sorrow.


my only hesitation with saying im a humanitarian is it doesnt quite cover enough, it implies that its only the humans that matter, when its not..... its the planet and the animals too......

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

I love people and i hate some ,I take care of several woman who have problems w others.<br />
I help and try to show how to be positave about there selfs!<br />
I am always here for talk and support for them!<br />
Now i have 6 women that depend on me for comfort and talk to.<br />
It makes me feel good !!!!!!

yeap, that sounds about right =]