"forced" Part Two

So there I was dressed in a very sexy VS set of lingerie, leaking precum standing in front of 4 ladies, one of whom I knew and had put me in this situation.

Fire Engine Red would probably be close to the color of my face as She made me just stand there while the ladies made remarks about how pretty i looked in the lingerie. 

Then one of them commanded me to turn slowly so they could take in the full picture.  As I turned they started to laugh out loud and that was when I remembered that the back panel of the panties were practically transparent, so when my *** came into view, they loved it...and one said that she was glad she brought her toys because she was going to have fun pounding that.  I turned even deeper red if that was possible and another dollop of precum soaked into the silky material covering my erection.

As I continued to turn, the wet spot caused by the leaking became evident and of course the ladies had a lot of fun at my expense over that as well.

Then my friend reminded the ladies that I was at their command to request anything from me that might please them.

The one (blonde) who had mentioned the toys commanded me to kneel in front of her, which i did, and then she took off her shoe and used her stocking clad toes to poke and prod at my ****.  Each time she did more precum soaked into my panties.

The Redhead next to her said she wanted to do that as well so i had to carefully scoot over so i did not ruin the stockings i had on and she did the same thing.  From my point of view i could see up this ladies skirt right up to her panties and I could see what she had on were crotchless...and she was so wet her lips were glistening with her dew. 

The brunette at the other end of the couch wanted some fun too, but she was concerned I might *** from all this excitement so she reached into her purse and withdrew a long length of golden yellow ribbon about 3/8ths of an inch wide.  She had me stand in front of her, and then used the ribbon to tie first my balls firmly and then the base of my **** very tight so it worked to restrict the blood in my **** to keep it erect.  this made me even harder than I ever remember it being.  There was still more ribbon to use so she wrapped my **** with what was left, working towards the head, and then tied the ribbon off in a bow just behind the head of my ****.

The ribbon crossed like a Roman Legionnaire's sandals and the bow was tied at the top of my **** just behind the head.  All this manipulation had my **** throbbing and turning red from the ribbon being as tight as it was...not painful but VERY snug.  A great big drop of pre-*** oozed out of my ****, so the brunette picked it up on her finger and had me lean over and stick out my tongue to lick it off.

Of course the ladies all had a ball laughing at all this.

The blonde then was ready for some personal attention. She wanted me to scoot back in front of her and kneel between her knees, and kiss and lick my way up her legs to her ***** and them to give her an ****** through her panties....

More to come in part three...I have to stop here as I do have to get SOME work done.

Let me know your thoughts so far.
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Getting hard just listening,would enjoy being in your shoes but more please

Roberta, <br />
<br />
I will try to get this finished this weekend. Very excited you might be in Tampa, I hope we can get together and have some fun.