Upon first inspection of this site, I could already tell there was multiple "drama queens" and arrogant people on this website. Most of these so called "hunters" seem to have a sob story behind them to urge them to hunt others. What happened to hunting for fun? I wonder if there's any interesting werewolves to track down. heh. I haven't had a BBQ in a long time.
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Hey, you should come on a hunt with us sometime. BBQ venison and night tag with the pups if you're up for it.

who are you talking to?

The original poster. Who else would I be talking to?

(Regarding the hunting, seeing as I'm guessing your a fellow Lupe) We've got some nasty rouges up here wrecking havoc and for us that actually give a **** about our surroundings (regular humans and the natural area) it reflects horribly. We've given them warnings and taken out a couple who went against our laws but we need someone who has more time on their hands. We have pups to care for and don't have time to remove the rouges from the area.

hunting us alone is sick enough, but hunting for fun?!!? what kind of sick person do you need to be to be able to kill somewhat regular people for "fun"

I agree, alot of fake hunters aswell

hunting just for fun would be without purpose, or would it? In my view when there are hunters just doing things for fun, they don't know what it is all about, and maybe they create more drama that other hunters have to deal with in the end.

Nice lol