I hear a lot of people say it's rare to find a female who loves to hunt as much as a man, but this girl does!
I love shooting. I hunt just about anything that is in season. Turkeys, squirrels, ducks, geese, dove, deer. My favorite would definitely have to be deer hunting. I just find it incredibly relaxing to climb in a deer stand and listen to nature moving around me. And when the giant buck walks out I get so excited I shake like a leaf!! Tagging a monster deer is definitely the ultimate high!
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I'm female and love to hunt, I archery hunt and rifle, there's nothing like it. I'm very girly and people always say you hunt, yes I do

I hate degenerates like you from both genders, who find pleasure in killing lives that can't express. and give it the name 'doing it for food'.

unless you live our lives? shut up. folks like you were responsible for the hunting ban in mass. that resulted in the biggest deer die off from starvation in history. so you would rather bambi starve to death or get killed by coyotes than feed someone?

I'm a guy from the south and I've been extremely sheltered from this lifestyle. I have illegally murdered ducks, squirrels, and various birds out of sheer boredom, but it's just not the same as hunting for food/survival. I have had no positive male role models in my life to properly introduce me into the world of hunting. I envy your experiences with hunting. But, I feel that us humans have an unfair advantage when hunting for game. I view it as cold-blooded murder since we have the intellect to sit and wait, or even bait and trap our prey. The chase or 'hunt' is not present.

I would like to experience what it is like to legally hunt for food, instead of for sport or psychopathic fun.

Can you give any advice?

I hunt for food. And I don't feel like this is cold blooded. If I kill it and won't eat it, I take it to those I know will.

I don't know where my mind was at when I made the cold blooded remark. I think I meant to say that in reference to killing for sport or fun. Killing for food is definitely okay.

If I may suggest, just spend some time out in the woods through the off-season and study your game. Practice your tracking skills, search for buck rubs, look up and get good at spotting squirrel nests, look for turkey scratches. Also another good thing to work on for fun or otherwise, are survival skills. Building a fire with your knife and a magnesium firestarter is really a satisfying accomplishment! If you learn how to lash sticks you can build your own shelter/hunting blind out in the woods with a knife and cord.

Anyways, just getting out there to shoot something is really not the biggest part of hunting. It's the skills you learn, being out in the woods understanding your prey and the environment that makes it an experience.

So true!!!! It's very peaceful out in a stand!!!!