I hunt
I never hunt rabbits I luv them too much
And I will NEVER EVER hunt wolves

The pic is my first deer I ever killed
RainbowWolf13 RainbowWolf13
16-17, F
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I just got my first deer too! A nice doe myself :)

Do you know the tradition you do when you kill your first deer?

You swear the blood of the deer on your face
I had to do it it was a tradition

I was going to but I was so captivated and distracted by the fact that I finally got a deer that I totally forgot. I did get some blood on my face when I was gutting her, though, does that count? Haha

I guess so lol

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By anatomy I mean the class

I held a human brain and heart, cause I'm a psychopath

Um ok
I never done that and I never will

Oh well

I'm a pirate

"Sure and I'm a apple"

Hey don't be hating, I have a hook,
See its official

But you can be an apple if you want :) JUST DON'T FORGET IM

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I cut a dead cut for anatomy

Excellent babygirl! I think thats awesome!