Well I'm finally ready to do some hardcore hunting instead of just menacing vermin with my throwing hatchets. Last night hubby took me to the sporting store to see about getting my new bow adjusted and I fell in love with archery. He tried out a few and was find of one in particular so when we go back tonight I'm going to surprise him. I can't wait.
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I have thrown hawks too , if i remember right my distance was 22 paces to the back stop. I bought two Hawken's / St. louis from Dixie gun works twenty years ago.
I have never hunted with them ,but was fun throwing into a big pine log. :-)

Awesome! Great you guys can share this. I've had the bow out shooting every day getting tuned up myself. Keep us posted on how your season progresses.

Will do. I'm just living it already and it was just basic practice.

Shooting a bow is a lot of fun. When you develop the skill and proficiency and have the confidence to hunt with it you won't believe what a rush it really is. You have to get so close to your quarry and there is so much more skill involved that it's tremendously gratifying when are actually successful hunting. I've been bow hunting for over thirty years and I love it! Congratulations and I'm excited for you!

With throwing hawks you have to get crazy choose too and out here the rabbits tend to stick to open field so it takes great amounts of patience. So worth it.

Uh what the heck are throwing hawks??? Are you guys into falconry too???

Lol i was for a few years.But throwing weapons don't need a license in this area

So you actually hunt with throwing weapons??? If that's the case then bow hunting will be a breeze for you. I guess I'll be googling what a throwing hawk is as soon as I get a chance. Lol.

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