It's in my blood. I live in the middle of nowhere and my dad, his dad and all his siblings are hunters. I know some people are very much against it, but when you think about it, it's just nature in motion.
And also understand this; I hate inhumane hunting. I hate it when people use dogs to chase bears up a tree. I would never want an animal to be terrorized in their final moments, the thought makes me want to cry. I also hate illegal poaching and hunting endangered animals.
The only animals I hunt are turkeys and deer. They are overpopulated where I live, so I see it as helping to balance the scale, which helps their species in general. I don't believe in senselessly killing animals just for sport. My family eats the meat of whatever animals we shoot, we don't just stuff them or leave them to rot.
We have a lot of respect for nature, and that is why we know it is okay to take some turkeys and deer. Think of it like the Native Americans; nature provides for them, so they respect it and don't waste a thing (I actually have Native American blood from both sides of my family).
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I too am a hunter raised by my dad and married a man like my father.
I deer hunt and smaller critters like rabbit and squirrel and birds. I tried turkey hunting, I guess I don't have the patience for that.
We hunt to feed our family and donate some meat to the local food bank.

That's kool!
City folk don't get it. Chick's can be hunters too, you know. And good at it.

Haha!! :)

Haha. Blew it to dust. lol I'm that way with clay pigeons.