How Much Longer ?

my wife of 16 years recently decided to inform me she has been faking our relationship for years. she has cut me off from all physical contact and has said she wants to move out so she may have a "peace place" to retreat to. i am going crazy here waiting for the day she will no longer live with us. i have driven her nuts with my incessant conversations about our relationship and i fear that was the wrong approach. she claims to have never been actually "into" the relationship as i have been. there is a tremendous amount of anxiety and depression associated with this time period. i am afraid.

grogorthox grogorthox
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4 Responses Feb 10, 2010

First of all, move on with your life. This woman whom you have been living with in a relationship as husband and wife has basically lied to you. Is this the person you want to continue living with? It is a cruel thing to do to anybody.. I believe you are better off working on yourself and your fears. I am truly sorry for the way your wife has been to you.. My best wishes to you..

thank you , for the support.

I am not sure how anyone could be so cruel to another person. My ex husband was the same way, We got married but he never stopped dating. I am truly sorry to hear that. I hope you find strength in the knowledge that people who bring misery to others are always filled with misery themselves. In the end, it will you who is better off. Stay strong.

i am sorry,in a way i can relate,my husband lied to me for our entire relationship and when the truth came out it was like a kick in the has been since aug that i learned the truth and i still don't trust him and i don't look at him the same,if your looking for a friend or someone to talk to i am here if you want....good luck with everything....