It Has Been A Week

a week has passed since i brought to my wife's attention i thought she was avoiding me. since then it has been true hell here. by Sunday afternoon she had told me there were plans in the works for an apartment with her 20 year old sister, my wife is 34. the discussions became arguments then turned to anger for her. she told me things i thought i would never hear form the woman i married 16 years ago. i still have no idea if or when she will leave myself and my boys. it has been very quiet since she talked to the councilor on Wednesday. i have changed how i am coping with this by not asking anymore questions or even attempting to hug or touch her at all. this is painful. i love her dearly and am in constant turmoil with myself as to what to say or how to be as a husband. i have stopped doing everything around the house as this is one of her complaints. even though for years she has never lifted a finger to prepare supper or do housework. i have always done it all while she sat on the couch watching T.V. i had no problem with the old way, i love my family and have always been cool with doing whatever i could to support them. i want my life with my family back. i want my life with my wife back.

grogorthox grogorthox
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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

Let me get this straight... you loved her and were true to her... did everything around the house and you're a dad to your kids.. and she's leaving YOU?!?! Something tells me as much as this hurts now... you're gonna be ok. Good luck to her finding someone else to do everything for her while she sits on her bum watching tv

I dont understand how you love someone that is not doing her part of the deal, it is not fair to you or your children.