Too Much All At Once

16 years and now i am being told it was all pretend. just a foolish attempt to be the wife i always wanted. now there is zero intimacy and almost no eye contact. she says i do not want her. she says i want something she cannot be anymore. i do not understand this, i have only ever loved my wife and tried to be the best husband and father i knew how to be. if i did not want her i would have found someone else a long time ago. this is something i do not want to go through right now. i am 9 months into a 2 year program for occupational therapist assistant. this really makes school difficult. how do i concentrate while thinking my life as i know it may be over. i am currently dealing with post traumatic stress disorder from the explosion i survived almost a year ago as well. too many happenings all happening at the same time.

grogorthox grogorthox
31-35, M
Feb 20, 2010