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i need to realize my children are not oblivious to these happening of the last 2 weeks. although they may not know what is going on they definatly are aware of something. it is tremendously difficult to maintain a dad persona while feeling like your wife is finished with this experience. i have been thrown into panicing husband mode for so many days. i have been trying to switch gears and be dad as well. i need to maintain for the boys, it is time to ignore her as much as possible. except this goes against every fiber of my being. this is all so painful, i do not know what is next. i need to calm down inside for the sake of myself and the boys. my anxiety and depression have been in overdrive and the meds only take the edge off. i am still hopeful that through some grace of god this may still be fixed, weird huh ?

grogorthox grogorthox
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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

Get some counseling for yourself and your wife, is she doesn't want to come along then go on your own. Yes, you are right you do need to be there for your children. They are aware of what is going on - but they don't have the reasoning to figure it out on their own. So, it will be a good idea to sort it out with your wife as to what you two are going to do about your marriage. Then talk to your children. Get family counseling. Good luck! Stay strong for yourself and your boys.