Patience Is A Virtue

this morning was not very good. i decided to once again against better judgement let her know how i am feeling. this only induces anger now. no compassion no empathy, only anger. there is no way to understand how loyalty and commitment can be thrown out so fast. it is like the past 16 years counts for nothing to her. all i can think is "what a waste". my boys are still in the dark as to the actual goings on of this turmoil. it is beginning to seem extremely unfair to them to have this negative energy living in this house. i still hope to solve this through prayer and rational thinking, but she is emotionless. nothing i say matters or even is considered anymore. she has been taking money from our account and placing it in a private account of her own. she has been using money from our account to buy a lot of things the past week. i have never cared about money in this relationship, we have always shared everything. nothing is mine or hers, now it is. this division is painful and hurting me, and the boys cannot be much better off except the details are unknown to them...

grogorthox grogorthox
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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

You do realize of course that<br />
if you get divorced...<br />
you'll be... ******.<br />
<br />
Good luck, man.<br />
I mean it, too.