What Next ?

it is a day to day passing of time here. once again, as long as i remain silent about the nature of our relationship all goes quietly. right now, i feel for the sake of the boys i need to remain silent for a bit. i do not know how long i will be able to maintain this patience. she has expressed her intension of leaving if the argueing does not stop, but to me the argueing is a way to get all the emotions out and begin to heal. she has said if she leaves, the boys will stay with me. she does not want to take them from me, how noble. meanwhile, i live in hell, and she is doing about anything she wants to without regard to anyones feelings. i have never controlled her or disallowed her to do anything, but now she does not even let me know what she is doing until she is ready to leave for whatever it is. i told her the last discussion we had that she has changed so much i am having a hard time adjusting. how can someone change so much in so little time and think they are " just being themself" ?

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thank you for the support ... i am afraid ...

I agree that discussing things and getting the emotions out there is the only way to really get all the issues adressed and then work on them<br />
I remember me and my ex used to argue but I would be the only one saying anything. Like he would just be silent like he didn't care. <br />
It hurts. I wish you and your children well