Close To The End ?

it has been an incredibly long weekend. too many conversations and to many revelations. it will not be fixed, she says. there is nothing i can say or do to continue as husband and wife. she is convinced we will still get along and be able to hang out, but i really do not see that as a possibility at this time. how could i? she has been here for a month as a room mate and it kills me to experience this. torture at every turn. today i will consult with legal council. i will explore my options and figure out what is best for the boys and me. she has no idea of this. she is trying to present a "gentlemens agreement" for the terms of her moving out. i do not see that as fair. she has dictated everything in this situation and i feel i need to really find out the possibilities. evry time i think about this it blows my mind. i still am in shock, although, i am trying hard to realize. today will bring it to reality. she told the boys yesterday she plans on leaving. they sat around all day in a haze. it seemed surreal. i talked a minute to them and reassured them we will make it through with the support of each other. i will impliment some changes around the house to help everyone get aquainted with the lack of mom being here. we will work together to maintain. i am praying for strength for the boys and myself to see us through to a conclusion that will be beneficial...

grogorthox grogorthox
31-35, M
Mar 1, 2010