March 11 ...

it has been 11 days since she moved out. the boys and i are trying to adjust to the NEW arrangement. everyday is a battle against all we know as family. her tone and attutude toward this relationship have not changed. she wants to be gone. i have been wrestling with the next steps in this delima. there has been no presentation of finality. she has left this open ended, seemingly leaving herself a way back here if she needs it. i do not understand her intentions. tonight she will get the boys and take them to buy their love with gifts and fun, they see through it already. it is funny how aware children are, they told me how uncomfortable it is to be asked all the time if they want this item or that thing. it cannot last forever because her money is finite like everyone elses. i asked her to stay for supper to once again feel how sure she is, it will help me make my decision.

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thank you, i appreciate the support

My prayers