It seems everyone is happy but maybe it's only an appearance.
Everyone has issues to resolve, i know i have my share.
Communication and connection are the basis that we always have to work on and of course ourselves aswell.
Quiting is easy ,i don t know on which feet to dance on.......... i think the grass is greener on the other side... sometimes it just is...
Never been a jealous person but it seams other couples seams luckier, i mean other women are luckier, they have it made!!!
Like all women , we dream of being cinderella and we have our prince... i am the creator of my happiness but sometimes i wish it comes from the other... i would like to be a receivor for  a change!!
time will tell how the futur goes:)

val36 val36
1 Response Jul 16, 2010

Appearances can be quite deceiving. We all have life problems to deal with and perhaps it is one's perception that is different? The women who seems to have it all are the ones who have made peace with their lives and are working to resolve issues and thus, present a confident and happy face as a reflection of lessons learned.