It Began After 38 Years Of Marriage

First of all, I do still love my wife. I'm just not turned on to her anymore.

We met when I was an Air Force Combat Control Staff Sergeant and she was only 18. It was on a blind date and we had an instant attraction that led to a quick romance and marriage.

As I said, I was a Combat Control Staff Sergeant, master parachutist, and all round lover of adventure. Google USAF Combat Control if you aren't familiar.

After a few years of a really great marriage we were seduced by friends who were swingers. I totally loved the excitement and nautiness of it but my wife had problems dealing with it afterwards. Over a three year period we experienced similar activities with four other couples with the same results each time. Me on cloud nine and my wife with remorse. I might add that she did enjoy each during, she just had trouble handling the afters.

Well, because of her feelings, we discontinued that sort of thing.

When we got a computer, and online, about 10 years ago I found websites with swinging stories and, once again, enjoyed that lifestyle if only vicariously. When she discovered my findings she was, at first, very apprehensive and a bit angry. But, after thinking about it a little she seemed to be OK with it and even suggested that I write some stories myself. I'm a published writer, btw...

So, I made up characters (us only more adventurous) and started out pretty tame. I'd get up very early, as I still do, and write a story, then when she got up she'd read it and we'd discuss it on our morning walk before going to work. The stories got more and more adventurous and our sexlives did the same! :)

We met numerous people online through the sites' feedback and even befriended a few. These were people who, like us, shared desires and fantasies and it was so cool to be able to be so open with them. We even had cyber dates with one couple and shared much more than just words.

I guess I was as happy during those two years as I've ever been. We even went to Fantasy Fest together and had a ball watching all the wild activities. We didn't have sex with others, like we'd done in our early adventures, but it was so sexy, and so exciting that I didn't mind at all.

Well, she had a relapse and decided that this just wasn't what a school teacher should be doing and decided to separate herself from my activities. She didn't, however, tell me that I had to quit writing and communicating with some of the men, but she didn't want me to continue with the wives.

After that I think our sex lives began to take a dive. At first it became a once a week thing and that lasted for several years, then we'd seem to skip a week every now and then, and then finally back in July of this year it just stopped.

A few years ago we'd gone to Key West and stayed at the Banana Bay Resort which has a clothing optional pool. It was fun and the time at the pool with the exposed flesh did inspire some great activity for us back in the room.

Well, in July we decided to go again. This time it was obvious that the pool area was occupied mostly by swinging couples, or couples who were considering being a bit wild.

My wife actually made several comments about their behavior that made it clear that she didn't approve. I was simply envious of the husbands.

Anyway, my wife's prudish behavior turned me off totally. And, I just can't think of her as a sexual creature since.

OK, that's the abbreviated version and I'm here to find something..., although I have no idea yet just what.

Thanks for reading guys, and I look forward to getting to know you all.

RichieBanks RichieBanks
61-65, M
1 Response Nov 16, 2010

I know this story is old, but I honestly can't make sense of your comments. How does not wanting to share your husband make you a prude..? If anything, you should be flattered.
You sound very narrow minded. Fair enough if she is not giving you sex at all, that's not fair, but if she is against swinging, that's totally ok and perfectly NORMAL. You have to see where she's coming from too...