Are You A Victim Of Sexual Boredom ??

In a bid to lead the ideal life, it's rather easy, and a common occurrence, too, for couples to lose focus of the sexual side of their relationship. Sex, which is supposed to be all about fun and spontaneous action, then becomes a tried and tested, and consequently, boring routine. And once boredom sets in, it often leads to couples growing apart from each other, falling out of love and in quite a few cases, searching for that spark outside the marriage.

So before your relationship, too, falls a victim to such sexual boredom, here are some easy ways to keep things as hot and happening, like it was when it all started between the two of you.

Increase foreplay
It may seem like an over hyped concept, but it is true that foreplay definitely increases the proximity between a couple. Why? Because this is when you take the trouble of familiarising and getting comfortable with each other's bodies. But, don't restrict this pre-sex session to just the four walls of your bedroom, indulge in a variety of activities that you increase the excitement of the ultimate act, be it a sensual massage or a shower together. Focus on the pleasure of your partner and the favour is bound to be returned in equal, if not added, measure.

Go beyond the bedroom
Sex is not meant only for the bedroom, there will definitely be a number of other locations in your house that could be even more exciting. It's rightly said that familiarity breeds contempt and sometimes, a change of location and scenery is all it takes to re-ignite your passionate side. That ultra comfortable couch in your living room, the bathroom, the dining table, the rug in front of your TV, a swimming pool, the backseat of your car, the sky is your limit when it comes to trying out something new.

Take turns
Listen up ladies, it is not just your man's responsibility to initiate every passionate act, sometimes you need to take the lead, too, especially if you feel that more sex will benefit your relationship. Also, take turn between yourselves to introduce an element of surprise. Don't break you head to think of something new everytime, you can indulge is the same routine and yet make it seem like something new by just doing things differently. Be innovative, that's the key.
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Hmmmm, Food for thought. Thx !


Sage advice.


I would add try both stopping any solo stuff for a few weeks.


Yes my dear dude kakdrkker...<br />
Always friendly with friends... Welcome....

Some very wise words, and I will be trying some of your ideas. Another problem my wife and I have is that we are so tired when we get home.


I think I was lucky...because I had a boyfriend years ago who told me he wasn't a mind reader...and it would be nice if I initiated sex sometimes. It made sense to me at the time...and his words have always stuck with me.<br />
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As far as a change of scenery goes...I couldn't agree more. Thanks for the list of reminders. It's always a good idea to stop and review your techniques occasionally. :)

YES kassie.. U right.. :-)

Kassie is right !!!

Kassie for President !

Cute carlyisok... Welcome.... lol xoxo

Thanks dude !!!