The Testimony Of Naomi Says...

I was married at 19 to someone who's heart I did not love, but he loved mine. At that time in my life, my marriage was for stablity. He was stable with a great job and I was a confused high school graduate. To add chaos to the situation, I listened to my Catholic grandmother when she told me, "Married women don't take birth control." Guess what, we had our first child, 11 months after we married. (Thanks Granny) He was extremely close to his family and to me that posed a huge problem because my family is very private and quiet. His family likes to be in everyone elses business. Need I say, we had a lot of kinks to work out. To be exact, it took 12 years of exposing skelaton out of both our closets, marriage counseling and prayer for us to make it to our 14 year vowal renewal we recently hosted in January.

Through all our trials and errors together we found God, ourselves and each other. Now we are proud parents of three children, working careers we both love and worshipping God together because he is the one that created this happiness, even when we wanted to give up. Today I am the proud owner of Naomi Says, an ecommerce business designed to get couples to where we are by starting COMPLETELY over. We promote marital intimacy and romance because we know that is what keep a marriage together. You have to be friends and like each other before you can be husband and wife. I pray my story touch someone to take a second look at their current relationship and say, "I deserve happiness, and if my spouse made me happy when we said I do....there is no way I am going to say I don't to my marriage."
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You are welcome. Find God together first and then you will find yourself. Not to sound to overly religious but I can only speak for what works for us. Have you tried praying together? It is easy to grow apart if you don't maintain the communication and prayer in your relationship. Praying for you guys! A successful marriage is soooo worth the work, but only if you are equally yoked.

If we could get to the finding "ourselves" part, I think I'd have a chance. I think many couples lose themselves when they marry.<br />
I enjoyed your story, thank you for sharing.