Sexless Marriage

25years we been together,from the moment set eyes on her hooked,not even had a kiss in about three years, you do start to think it the norm,even tho deep down you know its not.
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Thats an awful position to be in. Could you write your feelings in a letter to her ? maybe she would respond to that ?

Your best bet would be to go find yourself again. You know? Having the courage to face your fears and to try and to get to the root of things would be wonderful wouldn't it? I think what you should do is to confront your wife about this. If she puts up a defense/wall I would not hesitate to recommend counseling or a group of people going through the SAME thing.

thx for the comment, the root of things is she thinks shes getting old and fat, niether of which she is, no matter how much i try to reassure her ,wont have it, and after a glass or two of wine, im a ****, eventually i will stop trying

Well you need to be persistent and tell her that her answers are not good enough you need a real answer tell her ur putting the marriage on the line here if she doesn't speak up

have you confronted her about this? It's best to confront the situation and be totally honest, tell her you want answers why is she not showing you any affection or sex etc and ask her what she needs from you she may have a problem with you the only way is communication here so it's upto you

I do try to communicate, usual get told to do one,yes confronted her, told stop pestering, i dont ask her for sex, just wont let me close, spend more time on sofa than in our bed,