Sexless Marriage

I live in a sexless marriage.

I love my wife, but we had sex 5 times in the last year and I am 26. If I was 66 that would be a different story.

I am a very sexual person and want to explore.

However, after the sex has dried up not only have I lost my drive to try new things I am becoming depressed.

I have always wanted to try anal sex and I want to give and receive oral, but those are out of the question.

I used to go down on my wife but she doesn't let me anymore. I know she liked it and I am not sure what happened but our sex life has dried up...

I don't know what to do, but I am getting very frustrated and worried if it could actually get worse.
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Oh boy, you are way to young to experience this. Time for some counselling so you can move forward....or move out. Best of luck x

Could there be someone else?<br />
<br />
I mean going down on a woman is the best way to make her ***, and you say she liked it - now she won't let you go there? Odd.

she finally said that she thinks her birth control has killed her libido, but I'm not sure about going down on her

You CAN'T get your wife to change! PERIOD!<br />
<br />
She will change when and if she feels compelled to change her behavior. <br />
<br />
Until then you will be beating your head against the wall if you expect change to happen fast.<br />
<br />
Positive change, when it happens, is often slow and uneven.<br />
<br />
Negative change seems to happen over night.<br />
<br />
Strange isn't it?

Fix your marriage OR divorce her. Otherwise you are just wasting your life away in misery. You are young and have too many good years left to let yourself remain in this situation. There are many good women out there that would love to fulfill your needs.<br />
<br />
If you can't get your wife to change, you need to move on with your life without her.<br />
I divorced and and am now married to an amazing woman. Divorce is one of the most difficult things I ever went through. It is also one of the best decisions I ever made.<br />
<br />
Be strong and good luck.

thanks, she says her birth control has squashed her libido and is going to try something different