All Alone In This Relationship

Being in a relationship should be special some one you can talk to , share your thoughts, the good and the bad what happened to this ? A relationship isn't all about the sex !! I think we as grown ups know this but I thought it was a way to show some one you loved them aswell !!! But yet myself live in a sexless relationship but that isn't my issue I can handle that part it's the feelin all alone I don't like . Iv tried over and over again to tell him how I feel and all I want is a cuddle that would mean more to me , is that to much to ask for ? Well in my case it seams to be I love him and I would of spent the rest of my life with him I'm a good women would never be unfaithfull and not a one for partying or drinking I just want my family , but I guess now I to rethink what my future holds to cause as much as I love this guy I'd rather let go and be miserable for a short while than be miserable all the time, but some times I think what the hell am I doin wrong , is it me ? Doesn't he love me ( even though he says he does ) an it would kill him if I left ( his words not mine ) but I dnt want to go through the rest of my life feeling lonely and unloved is that selfish ? All I'm asking for from him is a cuddle instead of living as though we just exsist I want to exist in some ones life , I want to be there through thick and thin the good the bad this what love is about isn't it ? Oh I don't no mayb just my version of love is totally different from every one else's but I do no one thing if that's the kind of relationship I want is it bad to go for it instead of staying in a one I don't feel wanted in ? Well tomorrow is another day and I will still plod on till I finally say enough is enough wish it wasn't to be this way , but it looks as though it's going that way what a life eh x x
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Iv had it out with umteen times I think he has that syndrome lol I'm not a one for holding my feelings back I'd rather get it out in the open ASAP rather then letting it fester till it blows out of controll it's over I no probably scared its to late to find that ONE or mayb out of practice I duno we never do any thing together nothing zilch but yet for example he has gone out with his friends tonight not that I Care it's the princable of it I'm so angry with him and yet he thinks there isn't anything wrong with the relationship but he wouldn't would he when he lives the life of Riley we have kids but he doesn't have no responsibility it's me who does it all I work 12 hour shifts keep the house going and look after the kids when he does nothing he thinks making money is more important but I don't benefit from it anyway not that is important all i want is I feel wanted oh I could kick my bloody self sorry for moaning lol