She Started Talking To Someone

My wife and I both have had the same basic habits for years. Work, pay bills, try to live a little, be boring a lot. Last week when we did have the hour and a half discussion that confirmed we had little hope of connecting she mentioned a man that came to her job recently that she had a conversation with. She said it excited her mind that someone could be like her. She said there was nothing more but it sparked something in her. I thought nothing of it until Friday night... I heard her text message sound in the middle of the night. We still sleep in the same bed. Yesterday she kept her phone close at hand. Quite unlike her. Knowing her as I do it was hard not to notice a change in habit. A few hours ago I peeked at her phone. There is a recent string of casual chit chat with a Willis Morris that started it seems right after our talk. As a Man I know that casual chit chat usually has underlining motives and goals attached. So this is how the paranoia and jealousy begins? Ive never had any reason to be before. Even as I make secret determined preparations to leave this mistake of a union, knowing that she started talking to a man this new bit of info has affected me.
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the best thing to do is to talk to her about it :)

Will more(is) be less for her or you?

dont be jel...coz u too may hav such fren...c may nt want u to be in confusion