Lost And No Idea What To Do

The last time that I had sex with my wife was 6 year ago. Tried talking to her about it but its always the same thing I am just not into it.
That a dam poor excuse if you ask me so I have given up on the issue maybe things will change but who am I kidding.
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4 Responses Apr 16, 2012

Your wife does not want sex because the sex she is getting is not worth wanting. Look at yourself. Dig deep and be realistic and concious with your own self.<br />
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Then forgive yourself for allowing yourself to get in this situation.<br />
<br />
Then get to work on fixing yourself. And making yourself worthy of the best women.<br />
<br />
It is possible to restore relationships, it takes a lot of work, maturity and self awareness.<br />
<br />
I wish you the best!

You got kids? Did it used to be good. Do you know what happened?

I have 2 kids. I use to work out of town alot so i was only home on the weekends, maybe now that I dont have to travel for work I notice it more that we are not haveing sex

Perhaps she has got used to you not being around and now an adjustment has to take place. You are my sympathy it is a very hard. The rejection and feeling of no self worth is crap. I dont have any answers, but I do know how you feel.

What are you waiting for? 6 will become 16.... then 26.... then you will have all prostate trouble later in life.... Get out and find real loving healthy woman! The world is full of them...

I think you know what you need to do. But here are somethings to NOT do:<br />
<br />
- Do not give her what she wants: your penis on a platter like john the baptist. While I'm sure such a gift would make her grin from ear to ear, you will probably bleed to death. <br />
<br />
- Do not resort to violence of any sort. You will lose custody of your children.<br />
<br />
- Do not blame yourself. Even if you are to blame, heck, especially if you are to blame, there is nothing you can do to make her desire you.

I disagree with your last bullet. Blame yourself, take responsibility.

Taking responsibility in this case means getting away from her. You cannot take responsibility for something you have no control over. Someone who does not desire you for six years is someone who you don't even have the slightest influence over. Yes, you may recognize how you contributed to the problem. Six YEARS. Not weeks, not months. There is no coming back from that.

I agree is a long time. But you can come back if both are aware and concious.